Historic and Noteworthy Trees
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St Luke's gum tree (Eucalyptus Regnans or Mountain Ash)
(a) From Pioneer days [Small Farm Settlement] 1854 - 1860
Eucalyptus Regnans (Mountain Ash) 1860, St Luke's Church, Main Road [Trail # 5]
The most famous of Greytown's trees. One of three seedlings taken from a wheelbarrow of supplies being hauled from Wellington to Parkvale in 1856 by Samuel Oates and a mate. Samuel was 'resting' in the Rising Sun Inn in Greytown when the seedlings were taken. for the full story, see the reference to Samuel Oates in the Wairarapa Archives.
In 1969 Burstall measured the height of the tree as 38m and diameter at 1.4m of 2.4m (girth = 7.5m). In 2008 the girth at 1.4m was ??m.
The tree had a lucky escape in 1968 when the old St Luke's Church was burnt down. Singed but survived.   “Great Trees of New Zealand” – by S.W. (Stanley Walter) Burstall 1984

Quercus Robur (Common English Oak) 1860, 100 West Street (road verge) [Trail # 17]
This was planted by Benjamin Stevens and one of a number of oak trees raised from acorns brought from England by pioneer settlers.Two others were Mr Samuel Mole and Joseph Mead who were also keen tree people. In 1964 this tree was measured by Burstall and the following measurements can still be seen on a plaque which he fixed on the trunk: Girth = 16 feet, Height = 69 feet, Diameter = 64 inches, crown spread = 106 feet, Age = 104 years.
In 2008 the girth only was measured at breast height (1.4m) and found to be 5.73m (18feet 10 inches). Unfortunately road works damaged root systems and this has caused physiological damage to branches on the West side of the tree.